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Market evaluation, Mergers & acquisitions, Product approval


Technology & process selection, Design review, Operational troubleshooting


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Who we are

Membrane Consultancy Associates is a consultancy practice specializing in membrane technology for liquid separations, founded in Sept 2005. The principal is Dr Graeme K Pearce, a membrane technology specialist with 40 years experience in the membrane industry.

A graduate of the University of Oxford with a chemistry first degree and a chemical engineering doctorate, Graeme’s introduction to membrane technology started in BP Chemicals R&D in 1980. In 1988, Graeme was part of the core team to form BP’s Separation Company, Kalsep, specializing in membrane and filtration systems for water, wastewater, and process applications.

Graeme joined Hydranautics in 2000, where he has worked with the development and marketing of the pressurized ultrafiltration (UF) technology, HYDRAcap, and with submerged microfiltration (MF) technology.

In 2005, Graeme left Hydranautics to form an independent consultancy, working with a broad spectrum of users and providers of membrane technology, to improve the knowledge and application of membranes in water, wastewater, and process industries.

Membrane Consultancy Associates networks with other consultants in water treatment and membrane technology, to provide a comprehensive range of expertise, operating in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Business Guidance

Market evaluation

MCA conducts extensive market analysis based on a comprehensive survey of reference lists, market valuation data, and published supplier data where available (e.g. sales revenues and/or company valuations), which have been collected throughout the development of the membrane filtration market. Read more …

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our expertise in market analysis and understanding of the needs of investors enables us to inform advisors and corporate leaders in the process of M&A.Read more …

Product approval

We assist membrane producers in meeting the necessary standards to gain approval of their products.Read more …

Project Expertise

Technology & process selection

MCA has a comprehensive knowledge of the technology used by membrane companies which enables an owner, project developer, or designer to understand the options and select the most suitable product.  Read more …

Design review

MCA assists engineers with a review of design concepts and design parameters. This can occur either at the project feasibility or planning stage, as an audit, or as a review of an operating plant.  Read more …


We are experienced in identifying problems and reviewing plant performance trends to identify and assess the long term performance potential of a plant in terms of capacity and product quality. A troubleshooting exercise would provide an understanding of the causes of integrity issues and other problems, and would conclude with recommendations for design and operational improvements.  Read more …

Dispute Resolution

Expert witness

MCA is experienced in providing independent and unbiased advice in legal disputes which would allow clients to assess their options. If the dispute proceeds to court, MCA can provide specific reports in support of legal counsel and is experienced in being cross examined in a court hearing by a judge, special referee, or arbitrator.  Read more …

Arbitration input

MCA has participated in arbitrations and facilitated discussions to assist with reaching common ground or agreement in commercial disputes.  Read more …

Knowledge Transfer


Dr Graeme Pearce, on behalf of MCA has published a book and several book chapters, as well as having authored refereed papers in learned journals, papers in conference proceedings and articles in magazines. Read more …

Training and education

MCA provides a series of public workshops as well as specific tailored workshops
 Read more …